Beard Grooming Mini Kit

  • The beard kit includes: Ultra Soft Beard Shampoo and organic beard oil.
    A mini grooming kit of beard care necessities imbues the beard with softness, vitality, and shine, and contains unique ingredients to stimulate hair growth. Ultra Soft Beard Shampoo, an excellent beard conditioner, is one of the best beard products that cleans, nourishes, and moisturizes beard hair and the skin underneath. "Noise" organic beard oil, an excellent beard moisturizer, aids in growing a beard by accelerating hair growth.
    Every bearded man should have at least a starter grooming kit to maintain the beard and supplement hair growth with hair vitamins.
    This mini beard grooming kit would make an excellent gift for a bearded man. Beard shampoo and beard oil are each packaged in velvet pouches and encased in velvet-lined boxes. Buy products from our HiLée Beard Brand, and don't forget to leave us feedback.
  • Apply Ultra Soft Beard Shampoo onto wet facial and neck hair and massage to distribute. Rinse well. Apply beard oil to freshly-washed, damp beard, and comb through to distribute.

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