Deluxe Bearded Gentleman's kit

  • The beard kit includes: beard oil, beard balm, and beard comb. This elegantly designed and well put together deluxe set is an ideal kit for taking care of the beard and mustache, as it contains all the essentials to keep the facial hair healthy and luscious.
    The beard oil, based on natural plant extracts, is non-comedogenic and fragrance-free. It will moisturize and soften facial hair, and soothe irritated skin underneath the hair growth. The classic beard balm can smooth down even the unruliest of stray hairs, and will help style the beard and mustache into any shape. It has a light, fresh fragrance, and provides a day-long hold.
    Our HiLée Beard Brand beard comb is made from the tree of the genus Guaiacum, whose wood is very hard and very dense, and is intended specifically for beard hair. It is a great asset in daily facial hair care, and for shaping the beard.
    This deluxe gentleman's kit will make a great gift to a bearded loved one.
  • Wash and towel-dry the beard. Massage beard oil onto wet facial and neck hair, then comb through to distribute evenly through the hair. Scoop a pea-sized amount of the beard balm, rubbing it between the palms until it melts, and immediately apply to the beard and the skin underneath, using circular motions. Use the comb to style and shape the beard.

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